Bioresonance was developed in Europe by scientists and physicians from several disciplines and has been used there for more than 40 years. More than one million bioresonance treatments are given in Europe every day. The FDA has now approved bioresonance for pain treatment.

Research shows that each type of cell, tissue, and organ has its own unique electromagnetic signature. Illnesses, stress, and injuries cause a breakdown in the instant communication among the cells and between cells and the environment. Bioresonance therapy brings the cells back into balance through an ultra-low electromagnetic signaling system.

What to expect in a BioResonance treatment

To receive treatment, the patient lies on an examination table or is seated on a comfortable chair on a soft BioResonance mat. The appropriate protocol for the individual's health needs is "dialed in" and the treatment begins. The treatment works in the electromagnetic field and occurs very quietly as the patient relaxes. It can readily be used in conjunction with a variety of the other treatment modalities available at Health For Life.