Neuroptimal® training improves brain function by encouraging EEG brainwaves to become more efficient and effective. When the brain is shown how it is functioning, it will seek to redistribute energy, finding its own natural rhythms. As this occurs, more energy becomes available.


The body's intrinsic wisdom aids the central nervous system to become more stable and resilient. In this restored mental state the mind becomes much more capable of being in the present, facilitating ease in moving from focused attention, to performance, to social activity, to creativity, to inner calm and quality sleep.


NeurOptimal® is considered by many to be the most highly evolved form of neurofeedback available today. For more information about NeurOptimal® Brain Training, see

This is Your Brain on NeurOptimal® Video released!

NeurOptimal® is excited to share its newest video featuring NeurOptimal® trainers! The video features interviews with attendees of the 2012 NeurOptimal® Conference.

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Jaq Quanbeck is a Zengar Certified Master Trainer

Zengar NeurOptimal Master Certification Seal

Client Testimonial — AW

I don't even know if there is a way to adequately express my gratitude for the work of NeurOptimal in my life. Things absolutely have changed for me. I am approaching my life from a much different place and the change feels "root" level-- like it's not something I have to fight with my mind-- like the effort to think and act differently can actually be used productively instead of swallowed up by struggling against an unseen force that, before, I couldn't seem to touch.

The chatter of everyday life that ends up continuing in my head, even in quiet moments, is somehow hushed now. I now know that quieting my mind naturally is possible. After consistent NeurOptimal sessions, I have been able to get off all sleep, depression, and anxiety medications. I've now maintained a level of evenness in my life (that I never experienced before) for well over a year.

I consider Jaq's work to be nothing short of miraculous. I began NeurOptimal training during a time of deep emotional trauma in my life and I believe that it not only helped me get through that intense time but created pathways for deep and lasting change that will be a part of the way I handle everyday stresses and future periods of grief, throughout my life.