Energy Balancing

Donna Petersen begins your session with a general “tune-up,” balancing the body as needed. She uses a pendulum as an indicator of electrical energy patterns; this ancient tool was used by the Hebrews, Egyptians, and Chinese as early as 2000 B.C. for developing the “supersense” in healing.

Full-Spectrum Reflexology

Donna Petersen is a Modern Institute of Reflexology graduate practicing Full Spectrum Reflexology in conjunction with a unique combination of complementary holisitic modalities.


Full Spectrum Reflex Stimulus is accomplished with a linear percussion machine (Dr. Riley’s Massager), steady or alternating finger/probe pressure, Low Level Laser Light, and foot joint reflex alignment (as there are instances when a sensitive spot has nothing to do with a reflex, but is actually a foot joint that needs correction). MIR Research Clinic has coined a term for the correction of these minor subluxations: foot joint micro alignment. The term has been further extended to make it “reflexology’s own” by identifying the process or the mechanism for the corrective action as: reflexology pressure technique. The reflex mechanism of action requires that the body be in a state of normal cellular hydration (not dehydrated), electrically conductive, and nutritionally balanced.


As the rebalancing principles are used, beneficial results will occur because the individual has begun to resume responsibility for his/her own health. Making use of our natural abilities to heal ourselves is the only way we will get and stay well.


Lymphatic De-Congestive Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Therapy has been around for a long time; however, with the equipment developed by co-creator Dr. Cory Carter, the newer technique of lymphatic drainage with light therapy was established in the 1990s. The Lymphstar Pro tool uses photon (light) energy, electrical, and sonic (sound) energy to effect changes in the body, particularly the lymphatic system. This modality can help restore lymph to its normally liquid state and allow it to flow. Donna Petersen uses the Carter technique, “pulling” lymph, going after the deep lymph nodes, with the use of the Lymphstar Pro. It is highly effective on all areas of the body, with all fluid issues.